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About Us

We develop innovative healthy snacks of excellent quality and flavors that positively impact people, communities and the planet. Through our products we help building a healthier and fairer world while preserving the most valuable resource on earth: The Water!

About Our Roots
We were inspired by a heartwarming community advocating as the strategic caretakers of an endangered and priceless ecosystem, THE PARAMOS.

Páramos are the sole provider of fresh water for millions of people. They are able to capture and retain 10 times more CO2 than tropical forests per square meter. Páramos are the key to the water we drink and purified air we breathe.


Paramos are endangered and irreplaceable ecosystems essential to millions for the water they produce

70% of colombia's fresh water is provided by the paramos.

Paramos are important regulators for climate change mitigation. They capture 10x more CO2 per m2 than tropical forests.

Colombia holds 50% of all Paramos on earth.

Gota agua

2% of our sales go towards small-scale farmers in support of reforestation and restoration of the paramos.


& Recognitions

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Our company has received awards and been recognized internationally due to its positive impact on sustainable development goals (SDGs). We are thoroughly committed to conserving high standards of social and environmental performance, and are diligent and dedicated in our collaborative work to develop small-scale farming communities. Their role in producing food while upholding the ecological conservation of the Paramos is crucial, so we aim to facilitate and support it. 

Kickstarting social impact on our planet to save every drop of water!